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Visual Pleasure/Jukebox Cinema-Calendar Girl
3 min edit

Visual Pleasure/Jukebox Cinema is a series of videos in which I remake Scopitone films from the 1960’s using a queer and feminist lens. I’m interested in Scopitones because they mark a failure of the 1960’s teen dance party. As jukeboxes were intended to activate the party, Scopitones asked the partygoers to deactivate and huddle around small film screens. I revel in Scopitones as part of the “Canon of Camp” (Susan Sontag) and draw parallels between the collapse of this technology, the concept of Queer Failure (Judith Halberstam) and the cultural notion of aged women’s faded beauty as a springboard of transformative sexuality. The first video of this series is a remake of Neil Sedaka’s Calendar Girl. Other Scopitone remakes in this series are Julie London’s “Daddy,” Donna Theodore’s “Femininity,” and Joi Lansing’s “Silencer.”