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"Entertainment For Men" is a series of oil paintings of women from my mother’s and grandmother's generations, who were invited to sort through my collection of 1980­-1993 vintage Playboy magazines. Each woman is asked to reenact a scene from the magazine’s cover or inner pages with the intention of creating a reference for painting. The magazine collection parallels the year of my birth to my 13th birthday, the age that Jewish tradition considered me a woman. Viewing these playboys as a symbol of the sexual consciousness of my adolescence, I am examining the literal and conceptual models of sexuality that influenced my own identity and the generations of women before me, from whom I inherited notions of gender, sexuality and methods of seduction.

Although a painting project, much attention is devoted to each woman’s photoshoot. Together we glean pieces from their personal wardrobes and secondhand stores. The result is a highly constructed, yet personal recreation of themselves as their chosen bunny.