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She's The One That I Want (what do you lil maniacs wanna do first?)

She's The One That I Want is a video series that explores the "reproduction" of seductive gestures. A cast of women, ages 7-89, are asked to submit a list of films, actresses/actors, or scenes from films that have impacted their personal ideas of sexuality. Each woman performs not only their own, but all the other performers' formative sexual references. She's The One That I Want celebrates each woman's seduction techniques, while demonstrating the limited range of seductive gestures through the repetition of one woman to the next.

I'm fascinated by my subjects' willingness to inhabit, re-enact, or rebel against feminine personas. I'm most interested in what it means for a 31-year-old, queer woman to not only facilitate but direct the performance of seduction by women of my mother and grandmother's generation. Does my direction "queer" their action? Are they projecting onto me as their object of desire? Am I seducing them?