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Barb as Sept.1988
Barbara as Cover, September 1988 - Entertainment For Men
oil on paper
8.5" x 11"

Entertainment For Men is a series of oil paintings of women between the ages 27-90, who were invited to sort through issues of vintage Playboy magazines and asked to choose scenes to reenact from the magazine’s cover or inner pages. Although a painting project, much attention is devoted to each woman’s photoshoot. Together we glean pieces from their personal wardrobes and secondhand stores. The result is a highly constructed, yet personal recreation of themselves as their chosen bunny. I’m fascinated by my subjects’ willingness to inhabit, re-enact, or rebel against pornographic personas. I’m most interested in what it means for a 31-year-old, queer woman to facilitate and direct the performance of seduction by women of my mother and grandmother’s generations.